Traditionally exercise classes have been an individual pursuit, but have you noticed how you sometimes work better in classes where you are paired up, such as circuits or boxing classes? How about when you used to play games at school, and never even used to think about it as exercise? Wouldn’t it be great to go back to those days where exercise was fun and games? Some adults join Sports Clubs to keep up the social aspects of team sports, but it can be very time consuming as they are generally competitive clubs and require commitment to competitions as well as training.

The benefits of team games and sports for social interaction are well documented, as you work in groups, but there is usually quite a commitment involved as they are competitive teams, so many people stop team sports when they start work or have a family. And traditional fitness classes only skim the surface of social interaction as it often has to take place after the actual class, where participants may go for a coffee and a chat afterwards. And it can be hard to get involved in existing social groups, especially if you are shy, and generally it’s those people who are looking for more social connections.

So, the question is how can adults get the benefits of team sports without the time commitment and competitions? How can adults enjoy playing as they did as children? There has been a rise in activities with a group or social element, such as the inflatable obstacle courses, and other similar courses which make their way round the uk over the year, but these aren’t available on a weekly basis.

The good news is that the world of health and fitness is always evolving, and new ways to exercise are always being created. Rabble is one of the newest ideas in fitness classes, where the more traditional benefits of HIIT are found, but in a fun and sociable way, by playing team games. You get all the benefits of HIIT (check out this blog about HIIT but also the benefits of team sports and games.

Team games are a great way to unwind and take part in fun challenges that improve your fitness. As you connect with teammates and friends in a leisure setting, they have social benefits as well.

As you see improvements in your strength, skills and stamina week on week, your confidence and self-esteem are boosted. This has wider benefits than just in your social life; it can make a difference to job performance too.

Another benefit which you gain from playing in a team, is that you build your mindset to one of working as part of a team, and this will show in both the workplace and social situations. There’s a reason that employers look favourably at people who come from a team sport background!

Team games are very beneficial for providing motivation as people feel a greater commitment to showing up for the others in the session, than in a typical exercise class.

Exercising in a group has been shown to reduce stress more than solo activities such as the gym or running.

Not only are there all the traditional benefits of exercise to your body, but there are many extra benefits to your mental health and wellbeing, and the final thing not to be overlooked, is that all you are doing is having fun, playing games, just like you did as a child.

I mentioned Rabble above, but what is it? Rabble is an hour of fun social team games that disguises high-intensity intervals within the rules. A variety of games are played to cover different fitness levels & skills including speed, endurance, co-ordination, agility, strength, and more. Games you may find yourself playing include British Bulldogs, Capture the Flag, Dodgeball, and Frisbee. Sounds fun? Why not come along to a session and see for yourself? Sessions are currently held at 7pm on Tuesdays at Wildern Leisure Centre, Hedge End. Book now! (Fitness Fairy Booking System)

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