Summer is a challenge for sticking to that routine you had been following for months, whether it is because you have been looking after the children, because you have been on holiday, or because you have been enjoying the better weather; so how do you get back into a good routine as quickly as possible?

It seems an impossible task, but if you break it down into smaller more manageable tasks, it becomes more achievable. So maybe you were doing four classes a week, so why not start back with two? If you were doing a run, maybe start mixing running/jogging with walking and build back up? One of the key things is to timetable it into your weekly schedule, just as you do for the kids’ activities, or work, or other commitments, and make it non-negotiable. Gradually build up the frequency and/or duration of exercise over the weeks and months, and soon you will be back where you were before the summer.

So, you’ve planned your workouts for the week, next you need to prepare your kit bag; maybe you go straight from work, or when the kids are doing an activity, so make sure you are prepared and have what you need with you. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you that morning if need be, so there is no excuse for forgetting, and not being able to go. If you can, have a spare set of kit in the back of the car in case you can get to a class or the gym unplanned. What you are trying to remove is any barriers that you can, so you can’t give yourself excuses!

Perhaps you can set yourself a goal or challenge for the first month, to help motivate yourself while you are getting back into your old habits. If you can exercise regularly for 30 days, you will be well on the way to recreating that habit and making it part of your lifestyle as it was before. If you want extra motivation, why not find an exercise buddy, and the two of you can get back into exercise together. By agreeing to meet someone at a class, or even travel to a class with them, you are more likely to follow through as you have made a commitment to someone else as well as yourself, and it is often harder to let someone else down, than yourself.

Maybe now is the time to try a different class; look and see what is on offer and see what works for you. Perhaps your routine has changed due to work or family commitments, so use it as an opportunity to try something new, even if it is simply a different instructor, or the same instructor teaching a different class. Even the same instructor and same class title can be different on another day due to the attendees.

Although I have talked about the benefit of having a buddy in that you commit to them too, it is important that you are doing this for you at the end of the day, as your true desire is what will keep you going on days when you feel like you can’t be bothered.

I would recommend you start as soon as possible so that the habit is well on the way to being formed before the wintery nights set in; it will be harder to start that habit come November, unless you are able to exercise during the day, so the shorter days have less impact. Once you are closer to that habit being formed, you are more likely to keep going through the darker evenings, and, if necessary, can use a goal around feeling fabulous at Christmas to incentivise you further.

What are you waiting for? Book your next class today here ( and get back into your old habit as soon as you can!

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