Whether you and your partner enjoy the same activities, go to the leisure centre together but then take part in different classes or you go your separate ways in the gym, or even if you and your partner simply support each other and give each other the time to take part in your chosen sports, there are benefits to having a partner there for you.

Sometimes, having someone to go to a class or the gym with is the only difference as to whether a person attends or not. It doesn’t matter if you go together, or meet where the activity will take place, by making an arrangement, you are much more likely to go. Think about it; have you ever only done something because you had arranged it with someone, but once you’ve gone, you’re so pleased you made the effort because you had a great time? An arrangement can be the motivation you require to push you when you feel like you can’t be bothered.

Another benefit of going with someone else is that you may feel less intimidated walking into a class or a gym. This is especially true when trying something new, or after a break in routine for any reason. It’s so much easier to walk into a room knowing you know someone, and you can talk to them before a class starts, stand by them etc. This can also be a help when going to classes which include working in pairs or groups, such as boxing or circuit classes (although if you go on your own, you will soon meet new people and start to create new friendships).

Exercising together can strengthen a relationship and give you other things to talk about outside of work and the home. Finding an activity to share, such as walking at the weekends, yoga or salsa can be a great way to spend time together, rather than just sitting down in front of the TV, or with your mobile phones at hand!

If you and your partner enjoy different activities, then it will give you some “me time” which is also important, because we are still individuals as well as a partner.   It is still very beneficial that you have your partner’s support and encouragement, and that they have yours, as again you are making a commitment to someone else as well as yourself, increasing the probability that you will take part in your chosen sports/fitness classes. It is important to support your partner in their activities as if it is important to them, it should be important to you, as it makes them the person they are. You should never be made to feel guilty for looking after your health and wellness, no matter how you chose to do so.

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