“You shouldn’t lift weights; you’ll get big and bulky”. I’d probably be a millionaire by now if I had just a pound each time I heard that being said to a woman. And if I had a pound for each woman who did lift weights, but didn’t get big and bulky, then I’d be even richer!

It’s rubbish! Women can do weights, and guess what, instead of getting big and bulky, they get leaner as they reduce their body fat and sculpt their muscles.

Another of my favourites, “Just doing cardio will help you lose weight”.

It’s best to combine cardio with strength training to lose fat and change the shape of your body. Cardio increases your metabolism instantly, but it reduces back to its original level a short time after your cardio workout. Weight lifting keeps your metabolism going longer and stronger for hours after your workout. By doing weights, you can actually increase your metabolism by changing your body composition, so you will burn off more calories even when you are watching TV or sat at a computer. You may burn more calories short term doing cardio, but long term, weights are the winner.

This one’s for everyone…. You know the people who swear by doing hundreds of sit ups or other abdominal specific exercises “to get rid of stomach fat”…. Sorry, it doesn’t work; you can’t spot reduce fat (Oh I wish this wasn’t true, wouldn’t it be so much easier!!!!) Your body has places it prefers to store fat, and so when fat stores are used up, your body has a specific order it will get rid of them in (and it’s not the same for everyone; that person you are wishing you were because they have slim thighs, is wishing they were you as you have a flat stomach.)

Fat reduction is a lot to do with what you eat, up to 80%, in fact. But to help the body, do weights, not with exercises targeting small muscles, but with big compound movements that recruit lots of muscles (think big muscles = big gains). Another benefit is that they more closely mimic real life movements so help us stay fit and injury free in our everyday lives.

“Boxing is just for men”. You may not want to get into a ring and fight someone, but there are lots of benefits to incorporating boxing style classes into your weekly exercise programme. Box fit (on our timetable), and other classes based on the discipline of Boxing, help you release aggression, focus energy and concentration, and train in a fun, non-competitive way. The closest you’ll get to hitting someone is during pad work sections where you will need to finish your punch on a pad, but it is all about speed and precision, not power!

However, overall, for exercise, it’s most important to find things that make you happy, as that way you will stick to them. So try a new class, and see what you think, but please give it a few weeks as you need time to get used to how it is organised and find your feet, before deciding whether it is for you or not. In addition to the Boogie Bounce Classes, we offer Box Fit, which incorporates boxing drills, pad work and resistance training, and Revolution, which is a combination of weights based exercises and mini trampoline exercises in a circuit style class.

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